January 1, to December 31, 2015

The board of directors would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new members and a big "thank you" to all of our loyal members. Some of you have been with us since the beginning, 2005!

In 2014, due to retirements, we added three new board members, Susan Cotton, Chris Green and Leroy Harrison. In 2015, new board members, David Cramer and Cheryl Vital joined our group. Philippe Cras and Carole Chambers have been on the board since we began in 2005.

Rosendo Reyna joined our group. He set up and maintains our web page www.crtf.org and our CRTF Facebook page. We are very fortunate to have him onboard! All of his hard work is donated to us!

The name of his company is Discover Web Solutions. He helped us with getting our new brochures and business cards designed, and ready for print.

Lonestar College – Kingwood, students designed our brochures. They turned out amazing and we are very thankful for all the help. Once again, a donation to CRTF from Lonestar! The old brochures were too big to fit into regular slots AND the website we used to use was printed on them. A Japanese porn site took the name, when we let it go. We secured the web site www.crtf.org.

Working together as a group, we can accomplish greater things! Networking is one of the most valuable tools the CRTF has to offer the community. That is where the CRTF group is ready and willing to provide citizens the bridge to start on recovery. Our motto is "be a survivor, not a victim", working together, we are survivors. Within our group we have many assets; our volunteers and their talents, are CRTF’s number one assets!

CRTF did not receive any money donations during the 2015 year.

CRTF board members vote each December, for positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The new officers take effect on January 1 and run thru December 31 each year. Officers elected for 2016 were Carole Chambers, President, Leroy Harrison, Vice President, Chris Green, and Secretary/Treasurer. The board voted to keep the same people in positions. Congratulations to all!

Board members, Cheryl Vital and David Cramer, were up for reelection in September, 2015. Neither was opposed. Cheryl had been appointed earlier in September, to fill the vacancy by Richard Driscoll, Jr. He retired from the board, due to work load.

We, the board, intend to have valuable speakers at each one of our meetings. We started January meeting off with Officer Peters and the “Active Shooter”. This presentation teaches what to do and not do, if ever faced in this situation.

All members of CRTF want to express our sincere gratitude, to Philippe and Menke Cras, for all the years of continually letting our group meet there! They always have coffee, tea and those famous, warm chocolate chip cookies at every meeting. The Board would especially like to thank you for the board meetings! You are very gracious and we appreciate it!


We worked very hard to keep our meetings interesting and informative for our members. We are looking forward to meeting and welcoming many more members in 2016. We want to focus more on getting the word out to the community about our group and building our membership.

We always welcome and request our membership for ideas on making CRTF the best. Let us know what you would like to see happen in 2016!


CRTF Board of Directors

  • Carole Chambers, President
  • Leroy Harrison, Vice President
  • Chris Green, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Philippe Cras
  • David Cramer
  • Susan Cotton
  • Cheryl Vital

Report by: Carole Chambers