The meeting was called to order by Leroy Harrison at 4:00 pm.

Those in attendance were: Leroy Harrison, Cheryl Vital, Philippe Cras, David Cramer and Chris Green. Also in attendance was Millie Garrison.

A motion was made by Leroy and seconded by Philippe to accept the resignation letter from board member Carole Chambers.

A motion was made by Leroy and seconded by David to appoint Philippe as president of the board for the remaining year.

A motion was made by Philippe and seconded by Chris to accept Millie Garrison as the replacement board member.

The board decided to continue with Comerica Bank for the remainder of the year.  Philippe will sign a new card at the bank.  Chris will get a letter to him to take to the bank and a letter to the bank to remove Carole's name from the account.

The address for CRTF will change to the following:  CRTF; 1302 1st Street, Humble, TX.  77338

It was discussed and decided that the board will order a plaque for Carole for all her work on the board.

The speaker for July will be Alan DeWoody.

Meeting adjourned at 4:55pm.