The meeting was called to order by Leroy Harrison at 1:00 pm. Leroy led the pledge and Jim led the prayer.

Introduction of members was completed.

Mr. Jess Fields, the owner of Rosewood Funeral home gave a wonderful talk on the funeral industry. He stated they had cemeteries in Humble, Porter, Pasadena, and soon in Atascocita. He stated that they are a 24/7 operation. He also discussed the crematory, the crematory process and some of the state laws that apply to cremations. He also stated that they are equipped to handle any type of pandemic deaths. He discussed their electronic advertising boards which this group could use in case of an emergency.

The minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s report: Chris reported that the treasurer had a balance of $ $967.78.

Committee Reports

HAAM reported that they and The Mission are both seeing some flood victims. Millie stated that perhaps CRTF should send out a press release on the “dos & don’ts” of what to do after a flood. She stated that people tried to help some of the flood victims but pictures of the damage were not taken before the damage was ripped out so insurance adjustors and FEMA adjustors were not able to help some people. HAAM is also working on food for free lunches for the summer for kids.


Nothing to report.


David Cramer said that all hospitals in the area had a drill recently. He stated the event was a terroristic event and stated that everyone did an excellent job.


Cheryl stated that free lunch will be served during the summer at the following schools: Jack Fields, North Belt, Ross Sterling MS and Atascocita High School. Susan stated that the college food fare will restart in September.


ARES has and EOC at Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital. Also the AVFD moved their emergency operation center to the newly renovated fire station # 19 on Farmingham Road.

Humble/Atascocita OEMs

No rpoert.

Old Business


New Business


Members in attendance were:

David Cramer, LeRoy Harrison, Arlene Holmes, Cheryl Vital, Jim deMasi, Art Stemmermann, John Igoe, Susan Cotton, Stanly Ried, Lis Bedford, Leroy Harrison, Millie Garrison, Mark Linabury, Phillippe Cras, & Chris Green.

The meeting was adjourned by Leroy at 2:30 pm.

The next meeting will be held July 8, 2016 at 1 pm at HOMEWOOD SUITES.

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