logoThe meeting was called to order by Carole Chambers at 1:03 pm. Carole led the pledge and Jim DeMasi led the prayer.

The minutes were approved as written by Alice and a seconded by Glen.

Treasurer's report: Chris reported that the treasurer had a balance of $ $1,444.70,

Introduction of members was completed.

Committe Reports

Pam Dickson reported on THE MISSION: The Mission will hold a celebration breakfast for Law Enforcement on Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015 from 7:30-8:15 to recognize their work. Carole reported that voting is still in progress for Mission Northeast in New Caney, with Pam Dickson as director, as one of five city-wide "2015 TexanPlus Champion" nominees. The organizations were nominated based upon their helping and supporting of older adults to live healthier and happier lives. According to the posted information and per Pam "We have been recognized for our work with seniors in the community -if we win, we win $25,000 for our senior programs! That would include fans, heaters, blankets, greater outreach in the community for home delivery to the home bound, Thanksgiving and Christmas food, and more". Go to www.texanpluschampions.com to vote.

Churches: Art stated that there is now a clearing house for financial needs from churches in the Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita and South Montgomery County areas. Art will provide the information to Carole on who is chairing this for the churches. Pam reminded those in attendance that there were agencies such as Mission Northeast, HAAM, Society of Saint Stevens, Saint Vincent DePaul, and Family Promise who also may be able to assist with community needs. David Garner and Danielle Smith from the LDS church also stated that their churches were available to assist those in need.

Hospitals: Leroy reported that his hospital his working on policies for workplace violence. Health South is hosting a family fun day for the hospital’s 30th Anniversary on Friday, September 18, 2015 from 4p-8p. There will be food, games, and fun for the entire family. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Schools: Cheryl Vital reported that with the new school year starting, each campus will be reviewing their emergency management plans. Susan reported that the college did their first food distribution in conjunction with HAAM during the month. This distribution of food is available to anyone in the area. The distributions will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Communications: Earle stated that there are drills and testing of the equipment in the months with 5 Sundays. Two repeaters are active plus backups to those repeaters. Arlene stated that the Roman Forest Repeater is working.

Humble/Atascocita OEMs: Glen and Alice stated that the Atascocita OEM is revisiting their protocols to check for needed revisions and they are also working on a major disaster plan.

Old Business

There are two positions up for re-election in November. Richard and David’s position are the ones up for re-election. If anyone is interested in running for these positions please let Carole know by October 30, 2015. Both David and Richard will be running again.

New Business

Members in attendance were:

LeRoy Harrison, Arlene Holmes, Glen Rekeweg, Alice Rekeweg, Carole Chambers, Jim DeMasi, Pam Dickson, Cheryl Vital, Earle Findley, Steve Stotts, Art Stemmermann, Danielle Smith, Susan Cotton, Tom Austin, David Burr, David Cramer, & Chris Green.

The meeting was adjourned by Carole at 1:45pm.

The next meeting will be held November 13, 2015 at 1 pm at HOMEWOOD SUITES.

CRTF WEBSITE: www.crtf.org