Community Response Task Force

January 9, 2015

The meeting was called to order by outgoing President, Philippe Cras at 1:05 p.m.

Philippe thanked the group for his two years as President of CRTF and introduced Carole Chambers as the new President for 2015.

Carole lead the group in the flag salute; prayer followed.

Introduction of all members.

Carole introduced Leroy Harrison as the new Vice-President (replacing her) Chris Green will continue as Secretary/Treasurer. Carole advised the group, in our board meeting, David Cramer, Kingwood Medical Center, was chosen, and accepted the board position, vacated by Shannon Sharp in September, 2014. We are very happy to have David join our board.

Carole reported that there was a balance of $2,809.30 in the CRTF. Invoices from the Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce for annual membership, $200.00, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, $100.00 and Melton & Melton for tax services $200.00 were approved for payments.

A motion was made by Philippe and a seconded by Leroy, to approve the minutes and treasurers report as written.

Committee Reports:

Hospitals – David reported an increase in patients with the flu at Kingwood Medical. He advised every one of the importance of getting your flu shots. He also dispelled many rumors about the flu that has been circulating the area. Do the normal procedures of washing your hands often. Avoid shaking hands with people. He stated his church has a "no hand shake policy" in effect until the flu season is over. Germs spread very quickly by touching door knobs, shaking hands and other every day practices. Be cautious and wash, wash those hands often!

Communications ARES – Arlene Holmes reported on radio towers in various areas around us. They are getting them all up and running well.

Old Business:  Carole reminded everyone to send in any information you have on your organizations to her so we can put it on our web site.

Our speaker for the day was Ron Walker, State of Texas Emergency Management. Ron retired after 33 years as a DPS trooper. He is now a District Coordinator covering Montgomery, Walker, Liberty and Waller Counties.

Ron gave a very interesting presentation on how local, county, regional, state and FEMA all work together during a disaster event. The State of Texas has plans for every situation you can think of and every disaster.

In closing, Ron and Jenniffier Hawes answered questions for the group.

Next meeting will be March 13, 2015 at Homewood Suites at noon and the regular meeting will follow at 1 pm.  The speaker will be announced in March.

Minutes by Carole Chambers 1.12.15
For Chris Green, Secretary