Community Response Task Force

Meeting Mintues of November 14, 2014

Homewood Suites, Kingwood, Texas---1:00 PM

The meeting was called to order by Vice-President, Carole Chambers in the absence of Philippe Cras.

Introduction of members was completed. Those in attendance were: Jim DeMasi, Arlene Holmes, John O'Malley, Jenniffer Hawes, David Cramer, Kristina Clark, Carole Chambers, John Psimas, Susan Cotton, Richard Driscoll, Alice Rekeweg, Glen Rekeweg, Maren Will, Ron walker, Cheryl Vital, Denice Walker, and Chris Green.

A motion was made to approve the minutes. Minutes were approved.

Committee Reports

TREASURER'S REPORT: CRTF received a $1,000.00 donation from the Humble Rotary per Philippe. The balance in the account is $2,907.23


CHURCHES: Maren Will from the Church of Latter Day Saints invited everyone to their Christmas program in December.

HOSPITALS: David Cramer was the speaker for the meeting.

SCHOOLS: Kingwood College held a 2 day conference on disabilities and veteran's needs. The college now has 13,000 students.


COUNTIES: Ron Walker reported that they had a drill and "saved" 4,000 people. it was an assault based attack.

STATE: No report.

NEW BUSINESS: Carole reported that we have a new website. She needs people to send her pictures for the new site.

PRESENTATION: David Cramer, Kingwood Medical Center

David spoke about his hospital's response to and other area hospitals responses to several items. The first was Ebola. He stated most hospitals were taken off guard by this disease. It's an aggressive disease. During the recent United States issues Kingwood Medical Center was in constant contact with the CDC. He stated plans were made and resources were purchased so they could be prepared if a patient arrived. All hospitals had to present a plan to the state for their Ebola preparations. His hospital has a segregated area for any Ebola patients. He went on to state that the greater Houston area has an elite area of hospitals readily prepared to treat any infectious diseases. The hospitals in the Houston area have formed a preparedness council (RHPC) to handle a crisis and assist each other with supplies and extra staff. FEMA provided hospitals money to help hospitals purchase supplies for this effort. David went on to say that his hospital has done numerous practice drills from many different types of events.

The hospital has a stroke center, a heart center, a neurosurgery center, a NICU unit and a brand new Women's services & Children's unit. They are under the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) the largest health care company in the United States.

The next meeting will be held JANUARY 9, 2015 at 1 pm at Homewood Suites

Minutes completed by Chris Green