The meeting was called to order by Philippe Cras at 1:05 pm. Philippe led the pledge.The minutes were not available for approval.

The minutes were not available for approval.

Treasurer’s report:  Chris reported that the treasurer had a balance of $ $1727.78.

New Business

Philippe opened the new business with a discussion on Hurricane Harvey. It was evident that as a large group the CRTF was used mainly as a resource group which it was partially designed to do.  Members knew who to call for different assistance.

John Psimas stated that half of the Ares group could not get to the Atascocita EOC due to the storm.  However, there were several volunteers that were able to assist.  They set up a Community Information Network that people needing help could report their needs, what stores were open and what roads were open or closed.  The people in the EOC took care of rescues and the amateur radio operators helped with the communications between the AFVD and agencies coming in from outside the area.  Memorial Hermann Hospital’s ECO did not stand up.  Cell phone communications were available.  The Ares group filled in gaps.

Susan Cotton stated that the majority of the buildings at the Kingwood Campus were totally flooded.  The semester will begin on September 25, 2017 with most classes on-line for the semester.

Millie stated that she was able to assist Matt with items for the AVFD.

Matt stated that the fire department had no place to put people once they were rescued.  He stated that Chief Cook was available with the schools and that was a good resource.  Matt would like to do a CRTF mailing to keep members updated.

David discussed how his hospital played a significant roll with government agencies bringing people to the hospital.

Members in attendance

wereDavid Cramer, Susan Cotton, Mike Sutton, Millie Garrison, Earle Findley, Philippe Cras, Arlene Holmes, Mike Sutton, John Psimas, Lynn Cheney & Chris Green.

The meeting was adjourned by Philippe at 2:15 pm.

The next meeting will be held December 8, 2017 at 1 pm at AVFD.