Community Response Task Force


The meeting was called to order by Philippe Cras at 10:10 am.

Those in attendance were Philippe Cras, Carole Chambers, Susan Cotton, Leroy Harrison, and Chris Green.

Carole reported that there was a balance of $2,809.30 in the CRTF account with 1 outstanding check.

A motion was made and a seconded to approve the minutes and treasurers report as written.

The CRTF website was addressed. Rosendo Reyna has done an outstanding job on revamping the site. A motion was made and seconded to provide Rosendo with a plaque for all his hard work in doing the website. It was also agreed to acknowledge him on the website. Susan will write the wording and have it put on the website. Chis will check on some wording for the plaque and send it to all board members to approve before ordering the plaque.

The resignation of board member Shannon Sharp was accepted at the last board meeting. The position will be announced at the January regular meeting and the board will make a decision on the new board meeting by the March general meeting.

There was some discussion about making the Secretary/Treasurer one position. Carole stated that all financial items (checkbook etc.) must be kept at her office according to the by-laws. After some discussion, a motion was made by Carole and seconded by Leroy to combine the positions. At some point, the board may decide to separate the positions but for now it will be a combined secretary/treasurer position.

The election of board members was held. Carole was elected president; Leroy was elected vice-president. Chris will remain as secretary/treasurer. These positions will begin on January 1, 2015.

The next board meeting will be January 9, 2015 at Homewood Suites at noon and the regular meeting will follow at 1 pm. Minutes by Chris Green, Secretary