Community Response Task Force

The meeting was called to order by Carole Chambers, President, at 12:15 p.m.

Those in attendance were Philippe Cras, Carole Chambers, Susan Cotton, Leroy Harrison, and Richard Driscoll.

Minutes from the December 12, 2014 board meeting were approved; motion made by Philippe
Cras and seconded by Richard Driscoll, Jr. to accept as written.

Financial report $2,809.30 balance with the following invoices pending payment:

  • Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce Annual dues $200.00
  • Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Annual dues $100.00
  • Melton & Melton, LLP. For Franchise tax preparation $200.00

Philippe stated he was not aware Melton was charging us. A motion was made to pay all invoices by Richard Driscoll, Jr. and seconded by Philippe Cras.

Philippe asks if we wanted to continue having this tax prepared. Susan stated, she didn't want us to get into trouble from filing incorrectly. Motion was made by Philippe and seconded by Susan to continue with Melton & Melton for 2015 tax year.

Update on plaque for Rosendo Reyna was tabled due to the absence of Chris Green. Susan will get with Chris in reference to a "write up" about Rosendo to show our appreciation. We also will advertise Rosendo's company, Web Designs on our CRTF web site.

Motion was made by Carole to present Rosendo with the plaque and picture for web at our March 13, 2015 meeting. Philippe seconded the motion.

The resignation of board member Shannon Sharp was accepted in September, 2014 board meeting. David Cramer, Kingwood Medical Center was asks if he would like to sit on the board. He said he would be happy to serve. Board members voted unanimously to fill Shannon 'Sharp's position with David Cramer. David will attend the March 13, 2015 meeting.

We discussed getting more involved in local events. Philippe mentioned the LDS Church annual preparedness event. For the past few years the CRTF has been involved with them. Susan mentioned an event in Conroe; she will forward information to Carole.

Philippe made a motion to adjourn at 1:55 p.m., Richard seconded the motion.

The next board meeting will be March 13, 2015 at Homewood Suites at noon and the regular meeting will follow at 1 pm.

Minutes by Carole Chambers for
Chris Green, Secretary