CERT Training Information - What is CERT 2016?Training will begin September 13, 2016 and end in Nov. 1, 2016.  Classes will be each Tuesday evening from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., in Atascocita.  We limit our class size, to give more hands on training. Pre-registration is required due to space!  Email Carole Chambers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register. All classes are FREE! The course will run consecutive Tuesdays evenings for 8 weeks. Training will cover the following areas:

  1. Disaster Preparedness; all types of events.
  2. Fire Suppression: in this class you will be taught how to use fire extinguishers and actually get to put out fires!
  3. Medical part I: treat burns, broken bones, shock and other medical issues.
  4. Medical part II: triage patients and other valuable information.
  5. Light Search and Rescue: search for victims; search rooms etc.
  6. Disaster Psychology: you will learn many skills in this class on how to speak with people who have gone thru a tragedy.
  7. Terrorism Awareness: what to watch and look for in a terrorist event.
  8. The last week is a simulation drill in which you will be practicing every thing you have learned over the past seven weeks and graduation!


You will receive a back pack full of emergency supplies; vest; I.D. badge; Certificate, and book containing the courses, so you may review.

What is CERT?

CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. CERT is about readiness, people helping people, rescuer safety, and the CERT mantra: Do the greatest good for the greatest number. CERT is a positive and realistic approach to emergency situations where citizens initially will be on their own and their actions can make a difference. Citizens can be trained to manage utilities and put out small fires; treat the three killers by opening airways, controlling bleeding, and treating for shock; provide basic medical aid; search for and rescue victims safely; and organize themselves and spontaneous volunteers to be effective.


Emergency responders are quickly over whelmed during an emergency. CERT will train the average citizen to take care of themselves, families and neighbors until help can arrive.


To register send via email your home address, subdivision name and phone numbers, zip code Training class, fills up quickly so if you are interested register now.